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Orion is tentatively being put up for sale. I have been put into a situation where there is a very high chance that I cannot keep him. He has not been ridden for three weeks now, turnout only. Now that I have a place to stay that isn’t my car, it is doubtful I will be able to continue financial support for him. The people of this blog have his history since I have gotten him.

Four years old, born February 28, 2010.
15.3hh, NOT an easy keeper. Is on four flakes of alfalfa a day, needs more cool calories in work.
Have not had a single vet bill with him.
Teeth done March 2014.
Sheath done around the holidays, by myself. Only problem is that he won’t drop for it.
Hooves are due to be done, but I intend on getting them done in the next week.
Got his 5 way vaccine May.
UTD on worming, rotational, every other month.

I do not have a set price for him. I do not expect to get $10k, I have no crazy expectations, but I will not let him go for a potential meat buyer price, and would like to avoid a reseller. I would potentially want a first right, buy-back agreement. If I get serious offers, I will list them so people can have an idea. I am hoping more people do not take advantage of me in this situation, which is why I ask for serious inquiries.

He was jumping 3’3” xrails and 2’3” verticals. He was my project, he is very green, and I was working on fine tuning him, he is not a made horse, but he is not difficult. His worst fear is not knowing what to do, and he responds to verbal praise big time. The worst thing he has done to me was little crowhops at the canter a few times when he was spunky. He is a big people pleaser, and needs to be loved on. I intended on getting him started in showing, and potentially double registered as a Pinto if I could get his papers. He is nervous on trail by himself, I did not have the opportunity to take him with others.

Contact me through here or email, hansen.l.christina@gmail.com. His board is paid through the first week of August, and at this moment, I will not be able to keep him beyond that. Local inquiries only, you will have to come to him, and I will screen his potential home. Located in San Marcos, CA. North County San Diego.



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