Young Riders Nationals ‘14

this morning is such snuggle weather it’s wonderful

but work later poooooo

but snuggles now


Source: Red Ribbon Photography

so many mixed feelings about tonight… but mostly.. how do you tell someone that long distance is not an option? because he definitely thinks that’s what’s going to happen and just.. no.

like why would you want to do long distance for four months after only dating for like a month and a half? why would that seem like a good idea???

so i started a thousand piece puzzle (that my friend was supposed to help me with but she abandoned me) and i’ve gotten like nowhere with it

puzzles are so hard why did i do this

so there’s a hornets nest under the eaves of my house just outside my windows and my landlord isnt going to do anything about it…………

when you are so angry that you trap a horse into literally leaping into the air with all four feet off the ground because you’re beating them from behind and yanking on them from the front

get off the damn horse