i loved this horse so damn much

he’s gone

and i think i’m done now

because this heartbreak once was devastating and this heartbreak twice is unbearable and i dont want to do this again, i cant do this again

oh my god he made me a mixed tape

like thats sweet but honey we’re not in 8th grade and also you’re a little pompous about your music

why did i send that why did i send that

struggling so hard to make myself go to work right now

i mean i only have two days left. but its still gonna be a long ass shift

maybeeee adding another major, i dunno yet.

but if it works out.. i’m excited

I hate the feeling of not wanting to be an inconvenience or a burden

I had a kitty but then it left me :(((


For the horse lovers :) (via 500px / Pink Hills by Kathy Colman)